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Mental Chess image
Mental Chess

A version of chess made to raise awarness about mental illnesses

Sony Center image
Sony Center

Landing page built for the Latvian and Estonian branches of Sony Center

digiBlink image

A web agency that covers all your bases

Automatus image

An IoT enterprise device monitoring and management

Media elo image
Media elo

A personal project that ranks pieces of media by elo


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Who am I?

A picture of me (Jacob Zarins)

I (Jekabs Zarins) am a front-end developer and UI/UX designer based out of Riga, Latvia.

Professional history

Ever since the last year of school, I've been working as a front-end developer and UI/UX designer at a company named "19 Points", working on both smaller scale landing pages, up to full saas level applications. You can keep up with what I am doing and what im thinking in my blog.

My education

Riga Art and Media school is a high school and collage (aka. a technikum) where I finished a 4-year coarse in multi-media design, specializing in web design. During my studies I learned everything from basic graphic design principles to how to design logos and website UI's of different levels of complexity.

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